Where to find biodegradable glitter

Sydney-based news writer Courtney Fry shares information we all need to know about glitter and other microplastics.

At less than 5mm in diameter, glitter and other microplastics pass through our water filtration systems and into the oceans. When eaten by sea creatures, these tiny pieces of plastic mess with their reproductive systems.

This is bad news for the environment and for humanity. People who eat contaminated fish are eating microplastics. Yeuch! 🐟 😨

Glitter doesn’t look fun now does it?

Fortunately for the glitterati, there are alternatives. Scroll down for a list of online suppliers of non-plastic glitter. (Note that I haven’t used the word “eco friendly.” All consumer products have consequences for the planet.)



Eco Glitter Fun

Glitter for wedding confetti

Festival Face

Courtney Fry’s story appears on a fresh and positive Australian grassroots website. The Vocal raises awareness of social and sustainability issues by encouraging realistic thinking and simple yet impactful action. The website mission statement says:

We believe that positivity and constructive, realistic action, combined with humour and not taking ourselves too seriously, are far more useful ways to enact change for a new generation.


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