Felting with fibres: prep is crucial

84AB3497-E262-4FC6-842B-ADA2BA4374E6Bamboo silk

This week I tried felting with bamboo fibres.

Bamboo feels tougher and “squeakier” than wool, but felts quite well. The result is silky to touch and very lightweight.

The first time I tried it, I didn’t separate out the strands before starting. That was a mistake. It’s much easier to get the needle through when the fibre clump is light and fluffy.

Cutting and fluffing the fibres

Bamboo taught me what I should have learnt when working with some dyed wool a few days earlier. I bought the wool online. It arrived looking like locks of human hair. Ewww.

I applied the locks directly to the surface of the bear I was making. The result was rough and hairy. I didn’t enjoy handling the wool either.

With hindsight I had two better options. I could have cut the wool into shorter sections and fluffed it up before pressing it onto the bear’s surface. Or I could have cut the wool into 2cm long strips and tried to embed the strands as if they were individual hairs.

Dyed wool or natural wool?

I bought dyed wool from several sources this month. It varies in quality. Some of it is soft and some of it definitely isn’t. It’s got me thinking that it might be better to stick with undyed wool. Wool comes in a range of whites, greys, browns and blacks anyway. Does it make sense to buy wool that has been dyed brown?

New to crafting

I am new to crafting. I started with weaving, then loom knitting and now felting. Crafting is great for me for five reasons.

  • It teaches me to plan projects carefully.
  • It’s a problem solving activity.
  • It’s meditative.
  • It’s an outlet for my desire to produce nice things.
  • It gives me the opportunity to find common ground with more people. Crafting is a very popular hobby.

I have been looking at felting projects on Instagram. Felting seems to be very popular in Russia, Ukraine and East Asia. The quality of the sculptures is tremendous. Go on the internet and search for “advanced felting projects.” I promise you will be amazed at what can be done with fibre and a needle.

5 thoughts on “Felting with fibres: prep is crucial

      1. We’re I there I could teach you. Always time if interested. There are three wheelers, too. I enjoy the feeling plus have no car and need the exercise. Curious what attracted you about my blog as a non cyclist?


      2. Oh I shriek when the bike moves. I vaulted off a bike once and landed on my knees on concrete.

        I saw a comment on Unemployed Educated Indian’s website so followed it through to your blog.


      3. Oh wow,that’s not good. Getting back on the horse after a fall is tough. I’ve had one bad one, another not very bad, and a few tumbles. None with cars. The comments and likes are facinating to me.


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